Friday, February 26, 2010

i love:: bartering with eggs (26)

Bribery. For the last two nights. It's worked. And it's not for candy, extra time out of bed, a new train or book. Eggs. Yes, eggs. Here's the story.

For about 3 weeks, Isabel has woken in the middle of the night. Padded her little jammied self across the floor to our room. Around the bed to my side and climbed in because she wanted to snuggle. I'm a sucker for snuggling but then it got to be at two a.m. then one a.m. then midnight. Sometimes she'd wake up Truman in the process and he takes HOURS to get back to sleep if at all.

We transitioned her to her big girl bed a while ago. And I'm all for co-sleeping but when no one is getting sleep. It's time to rethink our bedtime plan, again. 

On Wednesday night, Eric said. "If you stay in bed all night, I'll make eggs in the morning."
Isabel: "Oooo ok. I'll stay in bed!!!"

And she did. Plus she did last night too. And that means two mornings of breakfast together. A cheery bi-product.

That means two nights of good sleep for the big people in the house. And that is a very good thing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love:: athena fiber's (25)

This weekend I had the oportunity to spend a little time at Athena Fiber's in Sioux Falls.

It is a little gem of a place, the store is housed in an old victorian house just off one of the main roads.

I loved the cozy feel, the amount of beautiful fiber's and the knowledge of part owner, Laurie. Who entertained my questions and even wound yarn for me.

I picked up two skeins of Malabrigo and a few others.

Stop by if you have a chance!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

corner view:: street photography

This photo was from a few weeks ago, but I haven't taken much street photos this winter. It's been cold, this morning the dashboard (on my 'puter) says -9. And windy. So here's the scariest street view we've ever driven in.


But several things are keeping us warm:
Olympics. Seriously-- I don't even have to flip through channels at the end of the evening. Grab knitting bag and and settle into figure skating. So cool.

Friendship, especially last night's rockin' awesome chcolate cake ala emily!

Good listening. Thank you Kerry.

Blood orange soda from World Market.

Latte Lattes...

What's keeping you warm?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love:: sunsets and more (23)

I love Iowa sunsets, they make the winter's worth enduring. I love sleeping babes snuggled tightly next to me. A pot of coffee already made in the morning, sunshine in my windows. Waking up to a clean house. Quiet time with my husband in the evening. Endless knitting. Sunny smiles in the morning from my youngest. And meowing from my oldest, who likes to daily-pretend she's a kitty.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I love:: Continuing the Conversation (22)

Thank you all who commented-- giving amazing and personal answers to our conversation on Lent.  You can read Emily's response in a blog post here
To continue the conversation, I'm including here what I gave up. And what I'm bringing on. I tend to go into Lent like it's a new year's resolution. What were mine this year anyway? So I decided to make a life changing group of choices that I will carry the principles out way past Easter.

For lent, I gave up time wasters and I’m bringing on time enrichers.
My time wasters:
Facebook, hands down. I love social media, connecting with others and talking with my sisters (and sister-friends). However, it’s a time suck, no?
Internet time. What do I like to do in the evenings, check blogs, write blog post, update fb, find new music... there is so much good out there.
Extra TV, I didn’t give up the Olympics or TV all together but I’m mindful of the time that is wasted while sitting on the couch.

Mindfully Choosing
So now, I mindfully choose something else to occupy that time. Facebook— yep not on it at all during lent. If on the internet, I set a short time limit. TV, I ask myself— is there something else I could be doing that would enrich my time OR is this the place I’m supposed to be? Sitting with my husband unwinding from our day?

Some choices that I now have time for: A good conversation (with voices!) on the old fashioned phone, or in real life. Dinner with friends, sharing the table, sharing experiences— carrying life together.  Knitting like crazy, an extra game of dress Mr. Potato Head or threading beads. Tea parties with Truman— where we eat real food. Tea parties with Izzo— where we eat pretend food from pink cups and plates.

I’m reading a lot more too starting with Simpler Living, Compassionate Life and Freedom of Simplicity.

I am acutely aware that we create most of the stress and busyness in our own lives. Or we sponge it up from other people’s self-made drama-- and I am a terrible "sponger". I am trying to break that cycle in my own life. To be ever present in my community with helping hands, food for the belly and conversations with more listening than talking.  It’s a road that is taking some time to integrate in my everyday, and I am convinced to make it a daily practice.

Another way to practice this in my area is this Thursday. Zestos, Inc is having our end of the month banquet, we eat together, have conversations and make relationships with new people. It's the thing I look forward to every month. Are you in the Orange City area? You should come too. For more information, visit here

*You know I never post without a photo-- this is from Eric's valentine pancakes (:  

Friday, February 19, 2010

I love:: Nerdy-ness (19)

Happy 20th Birthday, Photoshop!

In honor of our most used software product in the Marketing Services department, the Mac users planned a little Photoshop themed food day.
Here's what we brought...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love:: tradition (16)

Dear friends,
Today is Ash Wednesday it marks 40 days until Easter (not including Sundays). Traditionally, there is an emphasis in giving up something to enhance your spiritual life. So there has been much discussion on what to give up for lent or what to bring on-- what does it mean, how do we focus on it, is it really important?

So the day is here, and I'm sure that me spending less time focusing on me and spending more time serving people-- friends and those in our community will give me the purpose I've been lacking lately.  I'm hoping to learn something or at least sit with some deep questions within my own soul in these next forty days.

Yesterday I listened to this report from Barbara Kingsolver who wrote, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It document's her families journey from the deserts of Arizona to a small farm in Appalachia. Their experiment included eating mostly local and sustainable foods for a year. It's a great book, and if you have time check it out.

But, what really struck me in the interview was that she said something to the effect of-- her journey began with a large proclamation, "I'm going to give up... " and ended with just a new way of life. An adaptation to the things that they had chosen. She equated her journey to a marriage-- a good one, where you make a proclamation and then the marriage becomes a way of life.

I'm hoping that some of the small changes we decide to make will not be a begrudging process, but that we look to it as a re-framing of circumstance, or a view of opportunity for growth. I'll share with you some of our little steps as it goes along. 

Do you participate in Lent? What kinds of things are you giving up, or have you given up?


I found yesterday a 2008 Lenten Experiment to read about it from beginning to end visit her blog. Two people try to survive on a food stamps budget for the length of lent. Very interesting, with observations and recipes...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love:: girls night in (15)

Saturday night, Emily Sweet and I made some valentines, drank some decaf (good stuff from the co-op), and watched the opening ceremonies.

O and the kids and I made a tiny cake, from old Easy. A four layer cake with chocolate glaze.  We server it on very tiny plates that were about an inch and a half in circumference.

Isabel went to bed about 4 times, and then begged to be apart of the valentine making festivities-- and we let her. She stayed up waaay past her bed time but she kept saying, "this is the best night ever." How can I say no to that??


A little gift for a new little boy. I'm into making baby hats around here and I need to make more! Lots of babies on the way!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little valentines party...

We had a little valentines party with our Grandpa John and Grandma Bonnie...

A simple dessert::

Simple decorations::

Some sillyness::

And no smiling for Truman::

Friday, February 12, 2010

I love:: a good loaf (12)

My dear friend, Wendy, made us this beautiful loaf of bread. O my. Amazing.

It was perfect for lunch the other day with poached eggs and bacon. yum....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love:: valentines (11)

I think I succeeded in making Valentines, with Hello Kitty's no less! Last night, Eric took the kids to go get some groceries and run errands, so I cleaned up the house, vacuumed, baked cookies and packaged up these lovely little Valentines. We were running a little short on time (when am I not), so I took the empty house as a sign to get done as much as possible.

When Isabel got home she said, "Oooo I love them! They are just what I wanted! BUT, wasn't I supposed to help??"

Ooops. I started to say, "Well..."

And then she shot in with a cheerful, "There's always next year..."

And that was that.

As a little freebie, I've loaded the tags here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corner View:: repurposed

These are my living room shelves. Two weather worn wooden fruit crates, filled with candles.

More repurposing...

I love:: around the web (10)

I won't be participating in Corner view until this evening. So look for it then...
Things I am loving lately: 

First, Emily Sweet now has a blog... go now and see it!

Mushrooms, gnomes, Heather Ross.... Amazing! (thanks Wendy for the link!)

The blue hour. This post in particular.

Mason jar lids...

Can we say scones?

I may be the last one ever but I just finished this book....

Ice mandalas-- something pretty in the snow.

Pillows and yarn...

Vintage sheet rug.

*Image from Matt?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love:: quiet (9)

Not much to report here, except that I got some form of what my mother calls "the creeping crud," so I was out of commission for much of today. But I was snuggled deep in the blankets of my bed and the dog stayed quiet for most of the morning. It is amazing how quiet the house is when it's just me and a cup of tea.

Tomorrow is the day of valentines-- we'll be making them in the evening. Specially requested Hello Kitty valentines, which sounds a lot like her birthday request. Any kitty type ideas for valentines?

Lead Photo is from siamesewarcat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I love:: being (8)

This weekend was filled snowflakes, cinnamon rolls, coffee, yoga, knitting. Friends and pizza. Blogging and creating. Football game watching and chasing-catching-the-almost-toddlers, dress up playing girls, laughing, nurturing, understanding, talking mama's. And one snuggly little man.

So today, I love living. I'm grateful for the weekend full of little things. The day in day out of being.

And the Winner is::

The winner of The Pinkadink give away is Diane!

Diane, email me at theyellowdoorpaperie(at)gmail(com) with your shipping information.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love:: Children and Chocolate... (6,7)

I love:: A long friendship.

Ahh what a weekend, the big game is still going on as I sit here, listening to the kids babble and giggle in the next room. Since we moved them into the same bedroom, the kids have really enjoyed being together, talking to each other at night and telling 'secrets'--though I'm not sure that either of them know really what a secret is yet.

The most amazing split second moment occurred twice today. First at church, Isabel climbed onto Truman's chair and gently kissed his cheek. He squealed with delight, "Izzo, you kiss me?"

"Yes, Brother."

"Izzo, you love me?"

"Yes, Brother, Silly!"

Then again, after nap time. She again, gave him a kiss on the cheek. And he said. "Izzo you kiss-ed me two times. Here and church!"

She simply stated, "I know" with a smile.

As a mother it is amazing to see their lives blossom, and their friendship blossom. The sibling relationship is potentially the longest relationship. From birth to death. I hope that their friendship is formed now, early and will be their longest relationship.


I love:: Chocolate Cream Pie

A coworker brought this Chocolate Cream Pie to work for our 'food day' and I've been dreaming of it since. Now, drop all associations with the boxed silk pie. This one is more like a delicious mousse, with an oreo wafer crust and some serious homemade whipped cream. I'm glad I've acquired willpower lately, because I could have eaten the whole thing.

Please make this. And invite me over for a slice or two (:


There is still a little bit of time for the Giveaway! Post a comment, I'll be drawing tomorrow morning!

After a few requests, I have made some knitted necklaces for the etsy shop! If you'd like a specific color, just convo me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Giveaway:: Happy Birthday to The Pinkadink!

Exciting this morning we have a giveaway from Andrea from The Pinkadink. In honor of The Pinkadink's first birthday, she'll be having a sale from TODAY until Sunday. So stop over to her shop to find out more. 
This beautiful package includes:
pink big girl beanie
dark pink 1.5 inch headband
NEW light pink sequin center flower
dark pink tropical flower
4 inch bow
Over $20 value!!! 
How to enter:
-You have until Midnight CST on Sunday, February 7th to enter this giveaway.
-Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter — any comment. One entry per person, please.
-The winner will be randomly picked and announced Monday, February 8th. Check back Monday to claim your prize!

I love:: My Camera Strap (5)

I have a geeky friend. Who is perfectly artsy, perfectly bookish and makes me smile. She made me this camera strap cover and it matches... hers (:

O and our camera's are twins too.

Last weekend we went to a community art project 205 people gathered together to make the shape of a cardinal. Can you find me? We're both wearing red!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love:: yellow (4)

I knitted up this little necklace. I am quite pleased with it, I was planning first on felting it, but I think I've decided to tie a few knots and call it good.

As Izzo says, 'Mom, yellow is your favorite.' Ahh, yes, she's got me pegged.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

corner view:: sweets

In the winter, warm and hefty desserts are comforting to me. Chocolate cake, apple crisp, plum cake and bread pudding. The kind of sweets that you take up with a cup of coffee and a cold night.

Last night, I decided to take my regular bread pudding recipe and make it on a small scale (no left overs). This little pan will make two smaller portions (if you are keen on sharing). Or one large portion. This can be made for breakfast too. O yay.
Individual Bread Pudding
Two slices of bread cubed
1 beaten egg
2 tblsp half and half
1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp instant espresso (or coffee crystals)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Combine egg, half and half, maple syrup, espresso crystals and cinnamon. In a small dish, place cubed bread, pour egg mixture over top and press bread into bowl until soaked with egg mixture. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, or until it puffs up and has a golden crust on top.

2 tsp half and half
1 tblsp maple syrup
1 tblsp sugar
Combine sugar, syrup and half and half. Microwave for 30 seconds until the sugar starts to dissolve. Drizzle on warm bread pudding.

To see other sweets visit:

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