Thursday, September 24, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Not being lonely

(Day 30) If you ask Isabel she’ll tell you what’s been going on in our house lately. “MY room is becoming the PLAYROOM!” and “Trube and I are going to sleep in the same room so we don’t have to be lonely anymore!”

That’s right, last night we moved both kids into the same room. We decided that the kids should have to share a room. We want them to learn how to respect space, and the other person. If you are quiet everyone gets sleep, if you’re disruptive, someone wakes up. We just want to raise considerate human beings, even at this age. And so we embark on a change, I’m sure.

Both kids have slept with us on and off since birth, Isabel much more than Truman. So having her a little farther away is an adjustment for all of us.

Last night, the first night of the whole experiment, she had an accident (for the first time in weeks...) and then when Truman woke up, because of her crying. He thought it was morning time (at almost one a.m.). It took about two and a half hours to convince him that it was not time for the lights to be on and to play with toys.

So we’re all learning. But Truman’s smaller sized room fits two cribs (one’s converted to a toddler bed for Izzo), a little table, a rocking chair and the changing table. It’s quite sweet. We got done with it so close to beditme last night I didn’t have a chance to snap photos. And the playroom now fits our desk with filing and computer, and the long awaited art table!

Actually the whole house is undergoing a shuffling of sorts. When I’m all finished, I’ll shoot some video or take a bunch of photos so you can see!

Hope your day is wonderful, and that you feel more awake than I do right now! (:

*I've never really posted without a photo, so this one is from our trip to Chicago...


Elizabeth said...

This will be good for them...I shared a room with my older sister for a couple of years and those were the years we got along best :)

emily said...

looking back, i loved sharing a room with my sister. :)

Tammy said...

I saw your status on fb last night and immediately started trying to picture it all in my head. :) Can't wait to see pictures. And I miss you and the fam bunches and bunches!!!

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