Friday, September 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

Some good news, day two went much better! Their little room is so cozy. It seems like they’ve always been like this.

I really like that our bedtime routine became more cohesive just by proximity. No longer are we stretched between two rooms, with books and songs, hugs and kisses then our prayers. Each kid gets to choose a song, two each. I used to sing a string of songs, about eight, all the same songs, every night. I like the variety and the number four much better.

We all end our night together, which makes a great full circle moment for the day. And brings everything back together. We talk a little bit about what tomorrow brings and what we have to look forward to. 

We sing the old hymn At the Cross, which my grandma sings in Spanish and English (and now I do too).  To hear Isabel’s little voice singing, ‘where I first saw the light... And the burden of my heart rolled away.” It’s makes me think I’m doing something right.


Ahhh... On to what’s ahead for the weekend: 

I will be at the farmer’s market, come visit! Eric made five kinds of delicious jam and preserves— a loaf of bread and a jar of jam could make your weekend! Done!

Wendy and I are furiously crafting for a craft fair in October, more info coming soon! I'm going to be a knitting/sewing fool for three plus weeks!

Wendy and I are also participating in the Vintage Swap 2009 hosted by Heather. I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to figure out who my swap partner is. 

Yesterday marked the end of the 30 days of happiness, thank you bluebirdbaby for hosting it. You can find all my posts here (:

Jayne and I are going to bake apple pies and pumpkin pies until we’re stuffed to the gills this weekend. I should start making coffee (decaf) now.

And I want to get my house back into shape. I think I have a lot of tasks ahead! Done!

Anything exciting happening for you this weekend?


Wendy said...

What if we end up as each other's swap partners? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

emily said...

have a good weekend crafting and cozying! :)

gardenmama said...

I think it is wonderful your little ones will be sharing a room! We have always had a family bed and my three littles now all share a room, like you described I love singing, reading, praying together in one space and I love for them to be together! How lovely to have a new space for play too! I look forward to hearing more about the vintage swap! Enjoy the rest of your weekend : )

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