Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekending: Quiet Spaces

Last night, on a little drive into the country, Truman said, "We need to have our family meeting. Let's have it now!" We have a quick family meeting on Sunday nights, usually around the table after supper. And the kids are quick to remind me if I forget because they love recounting their week together. Having it in the car, sounded just as good as at the table so we went over our basic outline.

We have a quick conversation that starts with the same questions/items:
1. What were the good things that happened this week?
2. What were some challenges this week?
3. What is something we could work on together this week?
4. Calendar time-- we talk through everything coming up on our calendar and try to make a game plan for the week ahead.

As we answered the questions we realized there were so many good things. Not too many challenges. But I paused when Truman answered number three this week.

T: "We could work on quiet."

Me: How? I asked.

T: "Um, you know when we are all together but the house is quiet."

Oh. I love that idea.

So tonight, when we had to read some books for the school's, Fall into Reading Challenge... we took a stack of books and all cuddled in 'the big bed.' It was flurry of quilts, flannel sheets, stuffed animals and different level reading books. But we settled into quiet. And it felt just right. And we stayed there for almost an hour. I read a book too.

They had other ideas for quiet too... Isabel said, "Mom, maybe on Tuesday we can read books, listen to music, drink hot cocoa and light a smelly candle. I love smelly candles." Did this lady plop down from heaven or what?!

I am actively looking, for a few quiet spaces this week. What are ways you infuse your life with a bit of 'pause?'

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