Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Rhythms, New Adventures

I do this every season don't I? I stop, look and listen.

And then we adjust our rhythm to fit the needs of now.

This new space, season is so different from the rest of our life changes because we took a leap. We tried to be brave and we took an opportunity that seemed like the hand of the divine was holding it out for us.

With our glorious friends, we bought a coffee shop. The coffee shop.

It became our joy and responsibility. And, for a bit there it took tons of energy and passion to get it up and going. But it was all out of love. And the passion and energy are still going.

This place, this coffee, this community, the deep conversations, the continuing connection-- it's what life is about.

So, if you've wondered where I've been. It's been here. A three house walk away from our own backyard.

Our beloved coffee shop is now a place we too call home... well you know, it kind always has been.

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