Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Search of Summer: The Manifesto

I think it so fitting that for some of us, today is the end of this series.

I needed something to usher in the season, to help me me mindful and focus on slowing down.

To look for every day opportunities to see the season for what it is-- this not spring but not yet summertime. To embrace all it brought with it, rain and sunshine, life change and rhythm change. We saw the physical changes didn't we? Throwing off the jeans for shorts. Trading in boots for sandals. Blankets for open windows.

Now, what was the purpose of this? And how will we carry on the mindfulness? Here is my summer manifesto, thank you to Nicola and Imene for the idea.

We will...
 + Say yes to sprinklers
 + Eat outside at least once a week
 + Play in nature, trees, forest, beach of some sort at least once a week
 + Take our family balance seriously.
 + Paint our house
 + Feed our souls and feed others bellies
 + Watch less TV-- or none at all (ahhh I can dream)

I will...
 +Learn how to sew
 +Be better at Thank Yous
 +Write in my journal

What will you do this summer?

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