Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Manifesto:: Momentum

A friend of mine sent out this funny little quote yesterday about Momentum. And that got me thinking.

Momentum:: You have to reclaim it daily, hourly, minutely. And you do, so many things have lost momentum in my life. Due to a few months of reality-- in no particular order... death, grief, beauty, friendship, work, marriage, growth, moving on, staying content.

So things that I love in life have lost momentum. Cooking with joy, bedtime with read aloud books, songs, blogging here, making garden plans, creating, painting, loving, writing.... all the things that make life worth living.

When I got home from my weekend away, I was greeted with kisses from my sweet husband, a clean house, happy children, a 'decorated' room and potted Gerber daisies on the kitchen table (in that order!).

And that joyous reunion, coupled with the weekend away has given me back the momentum... Last night the simplest dinner brought me the most joy. Reading Little Women(we are almost done!). And then taking the evening to do something I never do... curl up on the couch with a quilt, a glass of milk, a warm brownie and (gasp I know) THE DOG to watch an hour of mindless TV. Then I quick picked up some laundry and changed our bed before I settled into my robe and a good book.

Life at a frantic pace is not sustainable for me.

I'm choosing to find the release valves that help me get back to what I love.

Late Spring Manifesto:: Things That Creates Hospitable Space in My Life.
Read with the kids everyday
Read something for myself, everyday
Grow! Cook! Eat! Invite!
Paint the sunset
Dry herbs for winter
Use fresh herbs now
Make homemade ravioli
Plant flowers
Be gracious to my children, slow to anger and abounding in love
Eat outside
Get into the sunshine
Let worry go
Farmer's Market, every Saturday
Coffee and tea with girlfriends

This is just a taste of my dreams for spring, but such a hopeful taste! 

Will you join me in writing your own?

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