Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our new neighbor...

Eric started it. He came home, as a surprise with two cups of coffee and two homemade muffins. While I was singing twinkle twinkle, he ran just down the street. And then we had a date at our own table, by our own front window. And the coffee was still piping hot.

Here's the story.

We had a coffee shop move in to our neighborhood, at the end of our alley. Only 4 houses away. And they make amazing coffee— bold and flavorful.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t there three times this weekend. Because I was.

In all seriousness, this building is an icon in our town. It used to be a very cute shop with lots of home d├ęcor items, purses, curated antiques, floral arrangements, plaid napkins and kitchen towels. It was a jack of all beautiful trades for this little town. But, it closed and the building has been empty for a few months.

Then this little coffee company came along, locally owned by a professor and family. They make all their coffee pour-over, drip brewed with these. It’s a simple little process that proves to hold a big, bold brew. They have baked-in-house muffins and cookies. And cold brewed coffee too, and it’s super smooth.

So if you see me on a Friday night or Saturday morning walking down the block with two full cups of coffee, don’t mind me. Or, get your own cup and come sit by our table for breakfast.


sara said...

That sounds so delightful!!!

Elder Family said...

What a great idea - way to win some points Eric!

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