Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Thank you so much for your wonderful words and emails about our birthday girl. We've just been enjoying each other, making excuses for one more birthday treat, excursion or memory made.

This year, Isabel asked for a doll and a butterfly costume. I was going to use a pair of fairy wings from my past... let's just say in high school my nickname was 'MaryFairy'.  I couldn't find my wings, so I used a curtain sheer, some floral wire and hot glue gun. Plus these wings are perfect Isabel size. "Mom, I can wear them under my coat and no one will know!"

For the skirt, I repurposed my friend's halloween costume (she was a loofa!!) and made Isabel a tutu and a headband.

We made kitty cupcakes too!


Because the kids are real young, we're still feeling out what our birthday traditions will be. We know these will be in the running for next year.
Pajama party with best friends:

Fancy family dinner with the ones we love:

Fresh berries and something chocolate:

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emily said...

mmm looks like yummy dessert! what a fun birthday!

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