Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love:: Children and Chocolate... (6,7)

I love:: A long friendship.

Ahh what a weekend, the big game is still going on as I sit here, listening to the kids babble and giggle in the next room. Since we moved them into the same bedroom, the kids have really enjoyed being together, talking to each other at night and telling 'secrets'--though I'm not sure that either of them know really what a secret is yet.

The most amazing split second moment occurred twice today. First at church, Isabel climbed onto Truman's chair and gently kissed his cheek. He squealed with delight, "Izzo, you kiss me?"

"Yes, Brother."

"Izzo, you love me?"

"Yes, Brother, Silly!"

Then again, after nap time. She again, gave him a kiss on the cheek. And he said. "Izzo you kiss-ed me two times. Here and church!"

She simply stated, "I know" with a smile.

As a mother it is amazing to see their lives blossom, and their friendship blossom. The sibling relationship is potentially the longest relationship. From birth to death. I hope that their friendship is formed now, early and will be their longest relationship.


I love:: Chocolate Cream Pie

A coworker brought this Chocolate Cream Pie to work for our 'food day' and I've been dreaming of it since. Now, drop all associations with the boxed silk pie. This one is more like a delicious mousse, with an oreo wafer crust and some serious homemade whipped cream. I'm glad I've acquired willpower lately, because I could have eaten the whole thing.

Please make this. And invite me over for a slice or two (:


There is still a little bit of time for the Giveaway! Post a comment, I'll be drawing tomorrow morning!

After a few requests, I have made some knitted necklaces for the etsy shop! If you'd like a specific color, just convo me.

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