Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love:: valentines (11)

I think I succeeded in making Valentines, with Hello Kitty's no less! Last night, Eric took the kids to go get some groceries and run errands, so I cleaned up the house, vacuumed, baked cookies and packaged up these lovely little Valentines. We were running a little short on time (when am I not), so I took the empty house as a sign to get done as much as possible.

When Isabel got home she said, "Oooo I love them! They are just what I wanted! BUT, wasn't I supposed to help??"

Ooops. I started to say, "Well..."

And then she shot in with a cheerful, "There's always next year..."

And that was that.

As a little freebie, I've loaded the tags here.

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