Monday, February 22, 2010

I love:: Continuing the Conversation (22)

Thank you all who commented-- giving amazing and personal answers to our conversation on Lent.  You can read Emily's response in a blog post here
To continue the conversation, I'm including here what I gave up. And what I'm bringing on. I tend to go into Lent like it's a new year's resolution. What were mine this year anyway? So I decided to make a life changing group of choices that I will carry the principles out way past Easter.

For lent, I gave up time wasters and I’m bringing on time enrichers.
My time wasters:
Facebook, hands down. I love social media, connecting with others and talking with my sisters (and sister-friends). However, it’s a time suck, no?
Internet time. What do I like to do in the evenings, check blogs, write blog post, update fb, find new music... there is so much good out there.
Extra TV, I didn’t give up the Olympics or TV all together but I’m mindful of the time that is wasted while sitting on the couch.

Mindfully Choosing
So now, I mindfully choose something else to occupy that time. Facebook— yep not on it at all during lent. If on the internet, I set a short time limit. TV, I ask myself— is there something else I could be doing that would enrich my time OR is this the place I’m supposed to be? Sitting with my husband unwinding from our day?

Some choices that I now have time for: A good conversation (with voices!) on the old fashioned phone, or in real life. Dinner with friends, sharing the table, sharing experiences— carrying life together.  Knitting like crazy, an extra game of dress Mr. Potato Head or threading beads. Tea parties with Truman— where we eat real food. Tea parties with Izzo— where we eat pretend food from pink cups and plates.

I’m reading a lot more too starting with Simpler Living, Compassionate Life and Freedom of Simplicity.

I am acutely aware that we create most of the stress and busyness in our own lives. Or we sponge it up from other people’s self-made drama-- and I am a terrible "sponger". I am trying to break that cycle in my own life. To be ever present in my community with helping hands, food for the belly and conversations with more listening than talking.  It’s a road that is taking some time to integrate in my everyday, and I am convinced to make it a daily practice.

Another way to practice this in my area is this Thursday. Zestos, Inc is having our end of the month banquet, we eat together, have conversations and make relationships with new people. It's the thing I look forward to every month. Are you in the Orange City area? You should come too. For more information, visit here

*You know I never post without a photo-- this is from Eric's valentine pancakes (:  

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