Thursday, August 8, 2013

Into the Woods

Sunday evening, we packed up our dinner and headed off to the woods. We were all craving a little out door time. We at our pork roast sandwiches and hardboiled eggs within sight of our favorite Royal Red Maple tree and marveled at her growth in the last years. 

After dinner, we took a short be steep trail up into the hills and where the woods were alive and glorious. Truman led us most of the way, he loves to 'be the leader.' When we were near the hill top, Truman exclaimed, "This is Terebithia." 

And I couldn't help remember when she actively lived in Terbithia for a while. We re-read the book this summer and it was still magical, melancholy and still had so much to teach us about friendship. 

We are soaking up the last few days of summer, school shopping starts this weekend for us. And then we all start back up in the school routine. I am so grateful for little blocks of time where we can journey into the woods-- running, laughing and playing. We come home happy, tired and thankful we have each other. 

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