Monday, June 27, 2011

A gift

This spring was filled with grief, deep unimaginable grief. And now that I am a few months away from it, I think we can talk about it a little.

One of my best friends lost a precious child.

And for weeks that's all my brain could process. It still catches me, daily. The reality of it all.

In a memorial for this little one, a group of us planted a tree with the family a Royal Red Maple. Planted in the little clearing where her parents were married.

A couple weeks ago, we went to visit that Royal Red Maple. And Isabel was surprised to find these little mushrooms. Perfect, earnest mushrooms around the tree.

And she honestly believes that fairies leave mushrooms as gifts. If we wake up from a wet night to a ring of mushrooms in our front lawn, she can craft a whole story on what fairy gatherings took place.

With all sincerity she said, "the fairies must be watching out for this little tree."

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