Monday, August 10, 2009

My girl

This weekend I got to have some time with Isabel, who is growing up more everyday. It was just directly evident this weekend how grown up she is.

On our girl date (a walk around the block with Lucy), we went looking for mushrooms, dandelions, little things that you have to be mindful to notice. She created a whole story about the fairy’s in our neighborhood, who build houses beneath the large oak trees. The sproutings around their trunks are perfect little houses for shy little people.

Her new favorite footwear. Wendy and I found these treasures at a thrift store, vintage Buster Browns, mint condition. And red, what more could a girl ask for.


emily said...

ooo i love those little shoes. i'm a sucker for fun thrift store finds like that!

gardenmama said...

so sweet : ) how do these children grow so very quickly!? I think my daughter would adore those red shoes!!

our little love nest said...

Ohh...too cute! I love that we both were in a little girly posting mood today. xo

Elder Family said...

Very cute, I always love catching up with everyone's kids! Hope all is well with you, we miss you!

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