Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Boy

Such a growing, talking, discovering time for this little man. His laughter is insatiable (and so is his appetite). Jokes and sarcasm are coming more easily now. He's always been a sweet and loving one, wanting ‘nuggles’.

he first time he’s spent an hour on anything— Saturday afternoon playing with tinker toys. He had a lot of engineering to accomplish.

For the littlest man in my life, who meets everyday with curiosity and hope, may we all learn from you.


emily said...

i love the sesame street shirt !! so cute!

our little love nest said...

Oooooh so very VERY cute! Your kids are just plain adorable. Love the Tinkertoys and the necklace. So something my Bella would do. Dressing up and imagination are so key to having a wonderful childhood.
Bella always says, 'snuggle snuggle' too and wants to cuddle up in her blanket with us. I love it. Loving your photos...too perfect. xo

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