Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Eric made us a delightful breakfast of pancakes-- regular and chocolate chip. Eggs with bacon. Lattes and fruit.

It's the normal Saturday/Sunday thing we do-- make a big leisurely breakfast and eat around the table in our comfy clothes. Taking our time to do nothing but talk to each other.

This week was special, Tammy visited from California. And on her birthday weekend no less! We were unsure, how much we'd get to see her (being in town for a wedding and all!). But It was good to share breakfast and to see Cars 2 for Truman's upcoming birthday.

The kids even made cakes to celebrate... but we couldn't get everyone back in the same place at the same time to enjoy cake together. O well, it is what it is. But we're glad we got to see her and have a beautiful brunch-- with lattes in our sweats.

And that's the perfect kind of Saturday.

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