Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Along: Beach Side

It's raining here today, I walked into work with an umbrella under my arm and water in my keen sandals. The summer showers abated for just a few moments, but with the wind, wet grass and temperature in the low 60's it feels cold and grey.

This weekend, however, was full of sunshine and while on the beach, I took a basket of goodies with me. I had planned on reading Taproot magazine-- and on a few occasions this weekend, I took it with me. And I finished one article. And I only finished a few rows on my knitting

But I spent more of it listening, watching, playing, thinking, dreaming.

And that's how we should all spend our time? Right?

So here's to getting one more article read this week!

Joining Ginny and with Keep Calm, Craft On.

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