Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Starting Summer: All Perfect and Imperfect

It feels like summer has begun. We wrote our Summer List we've made strawberry lemonade. We visited the local Farmers' Market and we've taken our time with our weekends.

On Friday night, in a bit of a rush we packed a picnic, grabbed some folding chairs and a few towels and headed out to our family's favorite summer haunt. And it was beautiful.

The landscape was beautiful, with the sun setting on the water. It was warm, really warm so cooling down in the water felt perfect. And I brought along a basket of goodies to keep me occupied on the beach.

But, the trip was imperfect as some outings are. I'm not here to sugar coat life. Truman got out to far-- I jumped in and swam out to him in my sundress. Isabel's bathing suit got lost before we left. We found it under the couch when we got home. (Whaaa?). And we were all tired from a long, long week.

But in the car ride home, when we all took a deep breath, I think this outing on a Friday set us up for a good weekend. A release valve. A way to let off some steam and to settle into our weekend routine.

How was your weekend?

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