Friday, June 3, 2011

Repeat: WEEKENDhospitality:: Raised Donuts

This post is a repeat from last April, but perfect for National Donut Day!

My husband is an amazing baker, he made these beautiful donuts for our weekly Sunday lunch.

Enjoy some delicious eye candy!


Last week we made the dulce de leche chocolate cake.

This week it was time for something new. Raised donuts, something I hadn’t made since childhood. Well technically-- I never made them, then, and don't even remember eating them. I remember cutting them and watching them fry. But still...

Borrowing the recipe from Sherry Yard's Desserts by the Yard--I found a donut recipe that I knew wouldn't disappoint.

So early on Sunday morning the process began. Warming milk, adding yeast, waiting. Adding flour, sugar, etc etc, waiting.

Kneading and more waiting. 

Rolling and freezing and more waiting. 

Cutting and more waiting. Then, they were ready. 

The oil was warmed (though I'm sure it was too hot as I didn't have a thermometer to check it with) and the first one was dropped in. It was working, though very large and continuing to expand it was flipped and I could see it was going to be good. 

After it was pulled out of the oil it was doused in espresso sugar I made by putting regular sugar in my coffee grinder and pulsed away. I added more sugar to the mixture that wasn't pulsed to get the preferred consistency of sugar. 

Then the waiting was over and it didn't take long for them to be devoured. They were delicious with just the sugar topping, but we added an espresso whipped cream (with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream!).  

The only problem that I found with this recipe? It didn’t make nearly enough. The batch did make approximately 14-16 donuts but between the 6 adults and 2 little people. Maybe next time I'll double the batch, or just not eat so many myself (I think I had 3 or 4).

Thanks and stay tuned to next week when we make something new and share it with friends. 

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