Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday we spent about five glorious hours in the sun planting our garden. It's a few weeks late but it'll have to do!

This largest section is our main garden. We have herbs, wildflowers and hot peppers in another section. And then cucumbers, pumpkins and yellow squash in a third bed. A full back yard it is!


Thank you for such a great response to The Summer We Sent Letters. Some clarification: post cards, cards anything you send in the mail with a handwritten note is just perfect. Email me theyellowdoorpaperie[at]gmail[dot]com for a button. This is not a call for stringent rules-- just a challenge of connection-- to write in our own handwriting to those we love.


A few things to start you off for the week:

Kerry is meal planning at What Am I Cooking?

Couldn't you just live in her weekend pictures?

Everyday journaling prompts.

This trip to Italy.

This family's adventure beginning.

Quick homemade pizza crust.

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