Friday, May 27, 2011

the summer we sent letters: on letter writing

In the last year, I've tried to be a better letter writer. But if trying means, say I'm trying... but not really doing anything then... I'm trying hard.

But as I've been reading the Anne books, I notice how important the handwritten word was. They were thoughtful, news-filled and thrilling to receive. The type-type-type and one line emails that we receive today, though still thoughtful, news-filled and thrilling lack that personality--the recognition of handwriting when the mail box is opened. And the hand-held personal-ness of an object sent from one set of hands to another far far away.

I have a few friends who live so far away and though my heart is always with them. I'm really bad at communicating. I even said I would write.

So in the last week, I've penned some letters. And I put a few things together for my far-away friends.
I've actually received a few cards that make my heart soar, why? Because they were filled with words just for me. And stories only written to me.

This art is so important, and it will be lost unless we make a habit of sending notes to one another.

Join me if you will... here's a little button. Let's write letters this summer. Sending out little rays of sunshine to the ones we love, whether they are close or very far away.

Email me at theyellowdoorpaperie[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to join and I'll send you this shiny button!


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Steph said...

What a lovely idea! I'm in. Do post cards count? ;)

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