Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happycampers: Firsts of Summer

On our first real in-the-woods camping trip, we not only slept in our tent but we had a bonfire and munched on s'mores, ate breakfast cooked on the camp stove, took flash-lighted trips to the near by 'modern' outhouse in the middle of the night (and when I say 'we' I mean Eric and Truman... I was too cozy).

And since this is the First Day of Summer, I wanted to give you a little taste of a new section, happycampers, about our adventures in camping with little ones-- I'll share some stories, tips and tricks for camping with kids (and for adults too), plus a few product reviews.

This trip we played it safe and went to a local state park-- Stone State Park-- a hidden treasure in the midst of Sioux City. This park isn't large but it's the perfect size for day hiking and for the kids to run around. Enough wildlife to be amazed but, not enough to be overly cautious.

One thing that surprised me-- the kids love to do camping chores. Truman washed dishes with me for almost an hour (after we quickly washed the breakfast dishes he found so many more things to wash...) and Isabel suggested she make the beds.

Isabel was so proud of herself for making all of our 'beds' even if she just haphazardly spread up the sleeping bags.

It rained as we slept and when we woke up in the morning, Isabel complained about the noise of the rain. I gently explained, my view on rain while camping... "I think the earth is singing me a lullaby-- to me it's one of the most beautiful sounds in the world."

Isabel breathed dreamily, some from sleep and some from my injected nature-lovin' romance, "Oh Mimi, I like that idea."

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