Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did I tell you??

My parents and two of my sisters came for a visit last week. And it was glorious.

They usually are here in the fall to see the leaves change color and to pick pumpkins or dead of winter (for holidays). But this time. They were here in the most beautiful parts of the summer. When it's still a novelty to swim, camp, visit farmers' markets, and traipse around town without the oppressive heat of August.
We had a few things on our list we wanted to do: 
*go camping together
*eat bratwurst from our local meat market
*visit downtown Orange City
*have a picnic at Paullina beach
*Isabel:: "when we stay in the hotel, can we swim and order pizza??" How could we protest?
 A few things had to be cancelled due to rain... but, it feels like we did all the essential summer activities with a large amount of relaxation.

And we were together the whole week leading up to fathers day. So special! 

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