Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creating Memories: Late Summer


Yesterday, I surprised the kids and took off the afternoon. We've been having early-outs from school due to high heat. They got off the bus, cheeks flushed and a little lethargic. Until they realized that I had icy lemonade, chocolate cupcakes and a cool house for them to come home to!

We pretended we had a summer day off and we packed our day with tons of fun things. The afternoon felt lazy and productive, all in the same breath.

And when I looked back on everything we did yesterday, I am amazed. It was a really great day at home.

-We read a few chapters of James and the Giant Peach while we ate our cupcakes and drank lemonade.
-Truman did his homework while Isabel played with dolls.

-Truman made an awesome Lego, car/airplane as a surprise for Eric.

-We set up a waterless swimming pool for the sheep and Molly. (So our stuffed friends would not 'feel left out' when we played outside.)

-We sat in the kiddie pool and washed all the outdoor furniture, the front door, the side of the house. I drank lemonade, dunked my feet in the pool and I read a few pages of this book.

-We picked up Dad early so he could join our summer fun!

-We played water balloons.

-Eric and I snuck off to the coffee shop for a few minutes while our neighbor watched the kids play outside.

-I made tacos for dinner while the boys made more Lego sculptures. And Izzo took a bath.

-Dinner together was fun and relaxing, we love spending time together!

-Truman took a bath and Izzo did homework.

-We had silent reading time.

-The kids did a few Cosmic Kids Yoga videos.

-They played spies and 'helped' while I finished some 'pick up, put away' in the playroom.

-Dad got home from a meeting and we made paper monsters.

-They got to bed early and read James and the Giant Peach with Eric. 

It was such a glorious day, I wanted a little record to keep in my mind forever.

What did you do yesterday?

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