Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yarn Along: Have Patience

Yesterday while getting dressed, Isabel was in the bathroom singing "Have patience, have patience" and I had forgotten we used to sing that song all the time. It has been on repeat in my head ever since.  Especially in regards to knitting.

A few years ago when my nephew came to visit from California he begged me to teach him how to knit. We sat down and I tried to explain how to hold your needle, how to cast on, how to make knit stitches. He did ok, but it was hard to explain in terms he'd understand. I don't think either of us had much patience.

So last year, I gave him a knitting book, needles and yarn for Christmas. Hoping that it would spark some creative exploring on his own. And it did, he had gotten pretty far on a project... but he abandoned it and forgot how to start again.

One night while the rest of the family watched TV, we sat a ways back in the room. And again, we worked together on knitting. He caught on quickly and since I started him out on size 15 needles, the project grew quickly. And he spent much of the end of the trip knitting!

It felt so beautiful to pass on one of my great loves to him.  In a patient and enjoyable way!


Last week I finished the book, The Pillars of the Earth. So. Good. It took me 41 hours to listen to, so I'm not sure I'm ready for the sequel (or another audio book... to be perfectly honest). It followed a web of connected people for most of their adult life, completely interesting and a bit of a Medieval soap opera. But well crafted and well worth the time.


Angela said...

What a wonderful way for you and your nephew to connect! He will always honk of you when knitting beautiful things.

Elisabeth Andree said...

Hurray for your nephew and for you too! It is so lovely to see young people learning old crafts. Nice post, thanks for sharing:)

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