Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thinking about Recipes

It's that time of year when we think about recipes. And I wonder, when my kids come home from college, what food would they want me to make for them? Do I have certain dishes that I make, well no not really. 

When you ask them what they want for dinner, they say Chicken Noodle soup, homemade pizza or mac and cheese (blue box, ugh). But, I want them to remember and ask for certain things. However, just recently, I realized that I don't have recipes.

I have a formula. We tend to eat a protien, two veggies and a starch. Yup. When they leave for college they are going to ask me to make them a FORMULA when they come home?

No. They are not.

So, this week I embarked on my adventure of recipes. First I tried this lovely little diddy from Rachel Khoo, she cooks on a BBC show called Little Paris Kitchen. SO. CUTE. Her and her apartment-- both, very cute. And her food, is so fresh, fast and Mama-Friendly. But different in an, "ooooo, I tried something new" sort-of-way.

So, this weekend, I gathered the ingredients to make Boeuf Bourguignon. While at the meat counter, I had to ask what Beef Shin was. That's ok. It's just stew meat or soup bone meat left on the bone. And I had to get a bottle of wine. The rest was lurking in my kitchen.

Here's the video of her making this beautiful meal. I didn't make the dumplings, but I will soon. I served this over a bed of rice.

And after last nights meal, we all agreed, that this would be a new family favorite. The meat was so tender, the mushrooms were perfect (I threw them in after I pulled the pot from the oven while I set the table... no mushy mushrooms here)!

With a set table, candles simple salad, a bowl of cut apples and some ice glasses of water (Sips of wine for the adults), this easy meal thrown together over lunchtime became a dinner that we'll remember. And perhaps, if I keep making it every so often, something they'll ask for in the future.

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