Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent: In Expectation

For most of the Advent season, our family rhythm revolved around our little table. We sat down in the morning and lit candles at breakfast, ushering in the warm light to soften the dark night. At dinner, the same, we light the candles, we practiced gratitude together, we laughed about our days. We spent time eating at home, cherishing this holiday time.

Advent is a time for expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas, of Christ coming to earth. This year we did a few things to help us wait expectantly and practice mindfulness and awareness as a family. We 'counted down' with small gifts and family traditions.

I just give them little things each day. Our says things like: drive look at Christmas lights, bake cookies, watch a Christmas movie or read a Christmas book. Some envelopes have chocolate Santas, some have hot cocoa packets or candy canes.

The others have little activities, decorate foam ornaments or a little wreath.

Some have just activities/crafts like new watercolors, pipe cleaners and pom-poms and googlie eyes. For St. Nicolas day (Dec. 6) the got their shoes filled with a sparkly necklaces and two chocolate gold coins.

And some are silly... last night they got stick on mustaches!

On the 25th, they open an ornament with the nativity on it and our says "He's arrived! Read Luke 2."
To help our hearts prepare, we took a few moments at dinner to read from a small book my mom sent us and we practiced the United Thank Offering. Also we light a candle on every night and do an advent reading from a book my mom sent us. After dinner we read together in the candle light and we pass around a bowl of change and as you thank something you are thankful for, you give a coin to our thank offering box. So simple, but really life changing. Through out the day, I hear my kids say, "I'll have to remember to say that at Thank You time." {Sigh}, we all need practice at Thank Yous, I need it daily, some times minutely!

Eric and I read this little book together.  Everyday it asks a beautiful contemplative question to sit with. I suggest it even if you don't do the advent or 12 days of Christmas calendar!

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