Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happycampers: Going on an Adventure

This weekend, we went on a little drive after finishing up our school shopping. We drove through our favorite hide-a-way in the city, Stone Park in Sioux City.

We noticed the campground was nearly deserted, so on a whim we made a reservation. And we went home (45 minute drive... we were a bit crazy!) packed a few things. Including our tent, sleeping bags, flashlights and campfire food.

In less than two hours we were back, putting up the tent, unpacking the car and having hot dogs for supper. And in my head I was singing, "We're going Camping now we're on our waaayyy."(start the video at 3:36). Just like my mom did on every camping trip we've taken together.

It was so nice to spend some time together around the fire, playing an early morning round of Candyland, hiking and sleeping under the stars. We are so blessed to have this little slice of heaven so close to us!

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