Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Life: January 2012

I love the idea of project life, but doing something daily or weekly seems a little too much for me. Plus, I LOVE the supplies. Well designed and systematic. And I know I'd go a bit crazy on them. In an effort to memory keep in a sustainable way (and save a bit of money)-- I thought I'd do one 12x12 page a month and share it with you here. So I can keep a record what joys we've had, perhaps at the end of the year I'll print them all and make a scrapbook.  O my, did I just say that?!

make believe: The kids went on a "date" pretending to be Eric and I. Isabel wore 'more jewelry than mom usually does' and Truman told her that their date was important, "makes us better mommies and daddies."

weekend visit: The four of us traveled up to visit Kerry and her beautiful family. There was lots of love, conversation good food and coffee. Next time, perhaps, Truman will sleep. That will make it waaaay more fun!

date in omaha: Eric and I took 24 hours to ourselves. He surprised me with a night away, a new outfit and my nails done. Then dinner at our favorite restaurant. I think this is where Truman heard the speech about dates making us better mommies and daddies. It's so true you know.

on a walk: In the first week of January, we took a walk to visit Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa John. It was very cold so Isabel decided to wear everything she could fit on her body. She loves layering you know. It makes Truman's wardrobe of hat, gloves, coat, scarf seem so... simple.

snow play: Eric and Isabel made their first snowman together. Truman and I stayed warm and baked chocolate applesauce muffins. Then we made faces as they threw snowballs at us.

ready for bed: One night we cut Isabel's hair before bedtime. This photo of Truman clowning around (:

garden planning: Sketchbook Saturday Morning a few weeks ago, Isabel decided to plan the garden for next year. So she drew everything she would like us to grow. We're going to have to think about bananas and plums. I'm not sure we'll be able to have a exotic orchard in the back yard.

grand arrival: My bestest friend had a beautiful girl. And they sent us their Christmas video. What a treat. Oh I cried when I saw that new little bundle. Truman kept kissing the ipad screen. I can't wait to see her in March!

adventure: We were on our way to Sketchbook Saturday Morning looking for patches of snow to stop in. And half melted puddles to jump in. What a good combo for a 4 year old adventurer.

sketchbooks: We love our Sketchbook Saturday Morning. A few hours of relaxation, coffee, books, coloring, knitting.

This template is from Rebecca Cooper, a month in photos. I've made a few edits to it.

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