Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making: Roving Dolls

Isabel drew this face herself!

Over the last week or so Isabel has been begging to make dolls. She loves to draw pictures of something and then we'll make it into a "stuffy" (stuffed animal). This usually takes an evening and we send the boys somewhere then we put on a movie and get our creative mojo going. BUT, midweek this kind of creativity is a bit, um, time-consuming.

We made these this summer! From left to right: Astronaut, Olivia (our friend), Isabel,
Margo (our little friend), Cowboy, William (from the Olivia books),
Olivia the pig, Truman.

So I thought about ways we could have the same creativity but with more hands on time. And Truman could join in too.

I collect large wooden beads from the thrift store (macrame beads seem to always get left without a thought), they are perfect for making wooden dolls and now for rag dolls. And we cut up some delicious wool roving. It was a bit heart breaking to do that, but things that are not used aren't being loved either.

I tied them into a basic structure. And then the kids embellished them.

This little lady has a friendship bracelet and is getting her hairs done!

Isabel had to make them more fancy. Friendship bracelets (out of pipe cleaner)! Golden Hair! Faces! Scarves! Some out of scrap palm tree fabric instead of roving!

Robot Monster!

And Truman took creativity to a whole new level. A robot monster with a scarf, hair and a kite tail-- out of a dixie cup. What a smartie.

After about an hour. We cleaned up, had time to get in our jammies, brush teeth and read books. And they slept with their new dollies.

I think we all had a great time!

*Also, I'm over at What am I Cooking? today. I made Almond Milk!

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