Monday, February 6, 2012


This morning, I woke up next to a little lady in warm but still crisp cotton sheets. I didn't realize it was her. Usually, it's little man that breathes in and out next to me in the wee morning hours.

When I asked her why she was in our bed this early, she said... "I was cold, Mama." Sigh. And then, "and now I'm warm."

She is a lady of few words in the morning.

As I laid next to her in the darkness for a few minutes, I stroked her hair and asked her quiet questions that went largely unanswered.

But that little window of time together granted me with grace for the day.

I said small thanksgiving prayers. Thank you for this warm bed, this happy marriage, these little children, running water, tea kettle, coffee, bathrobes.

I think I should start all my days this way.

What are you thankful for today? What normal, daily thing are you so grateful for?

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