Friday, February 10, 2012

Exploring Winter

This winter has been different than any I've experienced in my life in Iowa. And I've been here for 10 years now (oh good lord, TEN YEARS). My first winter, I thought I'd never be warm again. I slept with an eletric blanket, I coundn't fathom eating ice cream in the winter. And I know I wore flannel pants under my jeans more than once.

But this year. We've been out in January and February in sweatshirts and fleeces on some of our walks. Hello?!? Winter, are you there???

Not to say that the Californian in me thinks this is AWESOME!

But the Iowan in me thinks it's just a bit strange. And I miss late night walks down alleys in my snow boots. Plus, really, this is the winter the year I finally get snow shoes?

Well last weekend we took off to our favorite trail to collect things for our nature table. And we came back with lots of pictures, specimens and thoughts about what makes winter. That will be in an up coming post.

But here are a few photos of us exploring this winter. Since it is so different from what we've dealt with before.

Always with caution, but an adventurer none the less!

Isabel collecting thoughts via drawings in her journal.

Truman loves to beg, 'let's run!' Of course!

Off the beaten path exploring the depth of snow with her walking stick.

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