Thursday, February 16, 2012

After Dinner Lights

After dinner we try to take a little walk. No matter the temperature. However, our little man (oh please don't tell him I called him little) does not like getting cold-- so sometimes that means dragging him along. But, usually he gets a bit of crying out of his system and then he joins us for the walk anyway.

We've found something that seems to make it a bit easier to get him out the door--  headlamps.

Because flashlights make the world better, you know?

I was contemplating this and thinking about the things I love. And those things are what bring light to us. Even a simple candle at meal time. It helps us calm and focus. So headlamps don't actually calm. But it does add a simple way to excite little ones to take a VERY cold walk on a VERY cold night.

Hot chocolate helps afterward too (unless you don't like hot chocolate-- oh that little man).

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