Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peace to this House

I've started when I enter and leave a place, a doorway-- whisper a little blessing, even in my mind.

"Peace to this house."

More of a reminder of how I should be. How I can quiet my mind and how I can be a peaceful presence?

Doorways I now see as a new opportunity to think about what I bring into the next space. And gently asking myself, "How can I usher peace?" With in that four word statement, gives me new morning opportunities throughout my day. And taking the opportunity to recieve grace on a hourly basis if not more than that feels so much more hopeful, at any point in my day even without the symbolic doorway I can choose to bring peace.

What can you choose to bring through your doorways today? Perhaps we can help each other walk through our doorways with hope, peace, grace, compassion. And throw off worry, gruffness, selfishness.....


Photo from: jo mclure view photo here.

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