Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts for Today.

Good Monday morning, my mind is whizzing and whirling with to-do lists. I'm secretly in the middle of assembling a pizza for my kids lunch. They are going to be with a friend since there's no school and I offered to bring lunch.

I actually like making a meal before the sun rises. My quotidian meditation starts early. Especially when it envolves kneeding and rolling dough, shaping and forming that glop into something beautiful, nourishing and peace bringing.

I'm so reminded this week of the pleasures of sharing a table. Coming to the table with a full heart, sharing nourishment and sharing your soul.

Have a beautiful day, my friends. Share life with someone today, a slice of early-morning-made pizza or a table... or just your heart.

Painting by michele_maule, found here.

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