Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along: The Rhythm of Family

We've been in need of quiet family time. This weekend we took some time just for us. My goal for comfort + joy and together, togetherness has been pounding in my ears and deep in my heart. So loud I couldn't ignore it anymore.

I've had to stop, listen, adjust our lives and go out on a limb-- I can let life take over and I have to remind myself so often what is important. My little people are important, good food is important, spending quality time together is important, playing outside, good food! Remember I'm in the middle of making my manifesto work. And it is hard work, rethinking, retraining my work-a-holic tendencies so that I take care of my children, my husband, myself, my body.

I ordered Amanda's book a while back and it came in the mail in a divine envelope, meant for that moment in time. My ears are open, my hands are open and I am listening.

I also found this from Ida's blog, there are lots of little tiny babies in our lives. So I'm knitting away!

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Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Getting the right balance is such a challenge isn't it. I'm luckily home on maternity leave at the moment, so it's easy to keep the priority and focus where it should be, when I'm working outside of the house too it is such a juggle. Your knitting looks lovely and your blog is beautiful x

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