Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big Day: Truman

What a few weeks it has been. We're finally settling into September. And now that I have Truman's first day of school photos unlocked from my camera, I will share them with you. It's hard to be proactive about downloading/uploading photos without at computer!

Truman was so excited for school, the two weeks that he had to wait and walking Isabel to school every morning was agony. "But when do I get to go to school!?" He would ask.

Finally, last week he got his chance!

And he wore his 'traveling' backpack-- which is now too small for a big boy with bigger toys. So he got to take his tiny Cars pack to school.  And we all know how much he loves Cars!

He ran into school, put his backpack away and started with his day. He ran in so quick we didn't get a Mother/Son, Father/Son photo. Oh, well.

Now we have two little people, who can't get enough of school! I'm proud!

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Anonymous said...

It is just so hard to believe that they are both so big! I can remember so many things when they were so little!! But, all kids grow and so must yours:) Judy

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