Friday, August 26, 2011

The Big Day

Yesterday was her first day of kindergarten. And she loved every minute of it!

She skipped/ran all the way to school. The four of us walked together, what a treat!

We were almost late because Truman had a bit of an accident and had to change his clothes before we left. So we were the last ones to walk in. She put her things away and sat down at her desk. She used her crayons and barely said goodbye.

She just loved her little desk, her little locker and her school. I am so, so glad. She loves school and she looked like she'd been there for years. I didn't cry because it was so natural, it didn't feel like we were doing anything different. Weird huh?

O Lord, you should have seen her outfit though. She's amazing. She was definitely the most dressed up (read: flamboyant!).

*My computer bit the dust. I will probably go MIA for a while!

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