Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Written on Sunday Evening:

Tonight, I rocked both of my babies to sleep. Truman fell asleep early with me in the big arm chair. He asked for a snuggle and a soft blanket. And then slowly breathed heavier and slower until he drifted off into dream land.

And Isabel just snuggled with me, asked to watch cooking shows on TV, then asked for a snack (peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich), and finally if I would snuggle her in her bed. And I gratefully obliged.

And I think that was my Best Part of the day.

Here’s a bit of wonderful for you today:

Anne of Green Gables read aloud, easy to download to itunes!

Have I told you of my love for Catherine Newman? Well... Last week I ran out of things to listen to, so I listened to her Dalai Mama Blog from 07-08 over again. Every podcast, it was glorious.

Fleet Foxes new album, give it a listen on NPR. (Thanks Kerry).

Sarah Jane’s new vest. Don’t you love it? 

Gypsy Forest’s lovely quilts. There is something about those wavy edges... 

This beautiful headband... green and brown. Some of my favorite colors! 

My first Etsy Treasury:

Pop over to see it... I had so much fun choosing the most beautiful things!


Sarah Jane said...

Ah, I haven't had a little one fall asleep in my arms for a long time. Sounds blissful. Hope you're enjoying this sunshine!

Valarie said...

I love it when my children would fall asleep while snuggling. Love your easy treasury. Very imaginative. Thanks for all of the great links.many of them I didn't know. Always nice to discover nre people.

Stephinie ~ Gypsy Forest said...

You are so sweet, thank you for sharing my quilts with your readers :)

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