Sunday, August 29, 2010

A full heart...

Birthday Cake

Actually all of this weekend was jam packed with goodness.

On Friday night we had a caramel rolls and coffee with Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa John, it had been too long.

Farmers' Market and breakfast with my friend and sweet baby. Then Grandma Bonnie took the kids ALL DAY so that Eric and I could get our house back in order. So much furniture moving going on lately-- a yard sale to come! Isabel got a big girl bed (it was Grandma Bonnies!). And Truman got a 'new' bed (don't mention to him that it looks exactly like Izzo's old bed. Ok? wink.wink.)!

Then our beloveds, watched our kids over night so we could go away. Good night, good wine and full night's sleep was just what my heart needed. I finally 'took a deep breath,' dropped my shoulders and woke up back in my life. Sometimes we get all tied up in the have-to's that we forget about the musts (like must take care of myself to take care of others).

Then yesterday afternoon,  I was able to host my beloved group of girlfriends in a baby shower extravaganza. Complete with chocolate friands, made by Eric. They were soooo good. And hours of good conversation, reconnecting.

I am floored everyday by the amazing-ness of our little community. There is so much love here.

Last night, when I asked the kids "what was the best part of your day?" Isabel said, "Being with Bon-bon two days!" And Truman said, "I'm going to marry Margo, and playing the moon game with Bon-bon on her lap."

Hmmm, what was the best part of your day (or weekend)?

*PS the photo is from Crafty Nature. I tried to make some bunting yesterday, but it didn't look this good.

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