Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tell Me a Story: Hip Mountain Mama

Today we're starting a new series called Tell Me a Story, stories about gratitude. I want to examine with other women how they stay positive, keep balance and above all have daily gratitude.

Today's guest is Suzy from Hip Mountain Mama, she has a popular online store and blogs. She's the spear head behind the One Small Change movement. I got acquainted with Suzy though twitter and her advocacy for safe baby wearing. She's busy, but balanced, passionate and thoughtful-- with a beautiful family.

Welcome Suzy.

Where do you live?

At the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Tell me about your family?

I am married to my best friend and business partner Andy. My children are my sweet, shy, caring 6 year old daughter Magnolia and my crazy, excited, always laughing 3 year old daughter Sienna

What activity makes you feel most alive?

Anything that involves being in nature. Feeling the sun on my face, walking on leaves, putting my feet in a river...

What gratitude did you feel today? What gave you peace? Any ah-ha moments?

Today I feel gratitude for my family, friends, and environment. My daily meditation gave me much peace today and my ah ha moment was to learn to lighten up and let go of the baggage.

How do you see gratitude or mindfulness? Is this a daily practice?

I actually practice gratitude several times a day. For me, it is a thought like "oh wow, I am so glad I have such an amazing daughter" or "so and so is having a rough time with her husband, I feel so blessed to have such a great husband".

We also say out loud what we are thankful for each night at dinner.

As a work at home Mom you are required to balance a great deal of things. How do you run a creative business, participate in your community, make family time, spend time out doors and basically juggle it all? What are your tools? What are your compromises? How do you seek gratitude or slow time in your busy season?

After 2 years of being a work at home mom, it is all finally coming together. Since my husband is also working at home for the business it really works nicely. Such as right now, Andy took Sienna to the pool so I can get to my emails. Later I will play with the kids outside so Andy can get some work done. We just take things as they come and things always seem to work out and get accomplished. My main tool is to let things go. I had several loads of laundry that needed to get put away last night, but instead of doing this we played in the front yard, rode bikes, hung out with neighbors...and I got to the laundry today. Learning to let the laundry/dishes/beds slide for however long they need to slide for is what frees up time for fun! Andy and I also always make sure to set aside 10 minutes each (preferably in the morning) to meditate. This gets us in a great and relaxed mood to tackle the day ahead. Making time for ourselves is crucial in making this all work.

I know you meditate, does that help you have more daily gratitude?
Ahhh, yes. Absolutely!! I actually feel gratitude that I am allowing myself and that my situation allows me to meditate for 10-15 minutes each morning. It helps me be more mindful of everything and to really appreciate the beauty in everything around me!

How has the success of One Small Change made an impact on you? On your family? Does gratitude play a part in those One Small Change decisions?
One Small Change was such a little idea that has had such an amazing result. My family and I have made 7 small change in our lives that have impacted the environment in a positive way and this makes us all feel great. We feel like we are doing our part to create a beautiful earth to live on and to leave on to others. We are so grateful for our earth and all she does for us. I was just thinking this morning about how perfect nature is...it gives us all we need and we really need to give back!


Suzy is a fun loving, 30 something, nature lover, dreamer, music fan, Mama, and Wife. She spends her days running Hip Mountain Mama, hanging out with her 2 children, and dreaming of ways to walk hand in hand with Mother Nature.

You can find Suzy on the web in a variety of places:



Twitter: http://twitter.com/hipmountainmama

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hipmountainmama

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