Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, I didn't think that the August Break would lead me to take a break for almost 8 days. But, it did.

Since we last spoke, about my pet peeves of the craft closet.... my twin sister and her partner came to visit. It was really amazing to see them and invite them into our little world. The kids just loved having their Aunties here!

As you can guess, we've had a lot of visitors lately and this weekend, Eric and I are taking an evening away. We are staying in a place fairly local, but we need to reconnect, retreat and rest before we get into the school year (after labor day!).
A few things I'm excited about: 
The new edition of Rhythm of the Home will be out Septemeber 1!

I have something up my sleeve and it'll be up next Tuesday! Stop by then.

The shed project. Eric and I are shedding belongings like crazy. A big yard sale soon. If you read the article we won't be going down to 3 backpacks of stuff. We are just actively getting a smaller footprint. Donating, recycling, selling, trashing the things we don't need. Which it turns out is quite a lot.

I will finally get to see this movie.

And some of you know, but I'm starting my last class for college. Lord willing, by early December I'll be a college graduate. So send good, focusing thoughts my way. It could be a crazy season for all of us. 
Well all, have a great weekend and I might just be back for [gasp] a post this weekend!

*Photo by Cuba Gallery


Lillian said...

1.We have a ate this weekend and I'm trying like crazy to convince him to see Eat Pray Love with me. I don't think it's going to happen, but I'm going to keep trying just-in-case:)
2. Thanks for the shed project link. I didn't know about the project, but we're doing the same. Getting everything cleared out, having a yard sale next weekend, donating/giving away tons, getting tons of garbage out.
3. I CANNOT wait for the new Rhythm of the Home:)
4. Good luck with your last class - that must feel so fantastic!
5. Posts like this make me so glad to have found your blog:)

our little love nest said...

Best wishes with your class! Lucky girl to spend time with your sister. I haven't seen my little sister in 2 years and it is driving me crazy. Happy weekend! xo

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