Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quality Art Supplies

One of my biggest pet peeves is unorganized crayons. Seriously.

I don't think I partcularly cared until I had kids. But now, naked broken crayons are the bane of my exixtance.

SO, I've had this dream for years. Pack the crayons in a large plastic bag and DONATE THEM. And then buy crayons one 8 pack box for each kid and then make the kids put them away each time. Sharpened and in their paper. Unbroken.

Right, this is a total day dream. And when did I become such a Nazi about crayons?? Anywho.

I finally did it. We bought two boxes of these short but jumbo crayons. Easy to hold, hard to break. AND they come in 15 colors, easy to identify and they are pre-naked crayons! No paper-- Score! Plus they are draw smooth and true to color. Which makes the artist in me jump for joy.

Then I dove off the deep end and bought higher quality watercolor, with truely rich color. Plus the oval pans are refillable. (Another pet peeve half empty pans with only brown and black left-- ahhh another day).

Throw a couple inexpensive but perfectly-small-sized sketchbooks(4x6). And that makes for loads of fun. In the car, at the resturaunt and back home at the kitchen table (Crayons only in the car and at the restaurant, however).

Here, here for high-quality products to make high quality honest works of art!

Do you have any craft-closet pet peeves??

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Valarie said...

The only pet peeve that I have about our art closet it is that we resemble horders or perhaps a recycling center. I love that your kids have great supplies. It makes the art all that better.

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