Friday, May 6, 2011

The World Awakens

From Anam Cara by John O'donohue

   This winter, it feels like spring came in quickly and before I had stopped to notice. It was here. Trees are blooming, grass needs to be cut, bonfires to be had. The mantel of winter was gently coaxed off and we are here in the newness of spring. 

  This morning, the windows flung wide open, I felt it. Spring in my heart. Full and overflowing with gratitude. For the cotton sheets. The warm, squirmy little man snuggling next to me begging for juice and breakfast.

   This moment, I am glad for the sun shine, glad for the rain. Glad that the light has returned, being generous and gentle.

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camille creates said...

We have not had a spring in Utah. It snowed all through April. Our snow pack is 200%. Utahs weather goes from 40' one day to 80' the next. Our towns will flood.
Yes that was Debby Downer.
I'm happy to know your spring came early!
Your friend Camille

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