Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today:: Lovely Links for a Grey Day

This morning is grey and cold. And it feels a bit raw outside, I think I feel a bit raw inside. But last night I had two wonderful conversations and a full night of snuggling with my girl. I've had my tea but, perhaps I'll go pour another cup and then add a dash of grace for today.

This weekend is another girls crafting weekend and a baby shower! A weekend full of girl time is just what the doctor ordered.

Another thing the doctor ordered? Sweet potato fries. We made some. I want more...

Why don't you look at some lovely things.

Snack Bags Tutorial

Cake Lollipops

Great Food Book Covers

Delightful Bird Ornaments for a good cause

Vintage Botanical

Nanaimo Bars

Explaining Creative Process to Preschoolers

And then there's Molly's post. It hit so close to home I choked up a bit... I had my own bout of postpartum depression after birthing Isabel. I think it's good to talk about these things, it makes us all feel so much less alone. You can see more about Molly on her blog, Mommycoddle.

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