Friday, March 25, 2011

Today:: Ok with Snow

Good Morning,
A quiet evening, dinner, a long walk, a sweet visitor and some good snuggles got me out of my funk yesterday.

And the sun came out. Thank you dash of grace.


Today, it's snowing and choking back tears... Isabel watched with horror out the window and said, "Mama, yesterday we chased robins and rode our bikes to Bon-Bons. Why did winter come back?!?!"

Hm... My thoughts exactly. But I took a deep breath and thought about how beautiful it really was. It wasn't wet snow, it was soft and light. Catching the brightness of the just rising sun.

And I said, "So you could wear your snow boots and hat. So you could run outside in it one more time, so you could eat the snow flakes. I think the snow missed YOU."

"Oh," She said. "I think I'll be ok with snow for just a bit longer."

This Date Last Year-- We were making pasta and signing up little man for preschool.

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