Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homemade pasta

If you need something to do with your kids that is quick and easy, why don't you make handcut pasta?

We just used a basic better homes and garden's recipe out of THE checkered book.

Not hard, just flour eggs, salt, water? I can't remember. And oh-- the directions says mix this in a bowl. Since I did not, I would recommend this. highly.

"Mom, it's leaking..." not exactly the words you like to hear.

I would have busted out the pasta maker and rolled these thinner, but I was lazy. So they were a tad chewy but oooo sooo good.

Truman ate the left over ravioli out of the fridge one at a time for the next day or two. He'd just open the fridge door and steal one. I love that I totally snuck in some spinach and broccoli, fat free sour cream, buttermilk.

Moral of the story? Go. Now. Break out your checkered book. Make these. Do not be scared, it's kind of awesome (:

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