Monday, January 31, 2011

Girls Craft Weekend...

This sounds silly to say but, I am rejuvenated by the weekends. We usually have just a few things planned and we spend the majority of our time together, cooking, playing games, playing trucks, dressing up... you know all the things you want to do when you're in preschool.

This weekend was a bit different, about once a quarter my girl friends get together for a crafty weekend. We rent a space at a local church and set up tables then spend most of Friday and Saturday together. We craft or scrapbook, sew and paint, eat and laugh.

I love these weekends-- it's rare to get that much time with each other without kids and husbands. So we cherish-- and look forward to our next weekend.


Exciting house keeping:

What am I cooking? is a new food blog with a few blogging friends. I have a gluten free beef and veggie soup up for today.

Revisiting Sanctuaries is filling up, secure your place soon!

Kerry is starting a new series tomorrow! Yay!

Allison won the spot in Revisiting Sanctuaries! We'll be so glad to have you!

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