Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News! Revisiting Sanctuaries

It is a valuable practice at night to spend a little while revisiting sanctuaries of your lived day.  Each day is a secret story woven around the radiant heart of wonder.  We let our days fall away like empty shells and miss all the treasures.  -John O'Donohue
I read this quote last spring at Kerry's blog and it seemed to sum up all the things I had been reading, thinking about and trying to deciper in my own daily life. Really what I needed the most was honesty in myself. This honesty came through seeing. But I couldn't see with my eyes tightly shut, my ears closed and my heart firmly locked up.

What does it look like to view nature, family, community, gratitude all in the context of seeing our own life? How can I be a person of gratitude-- and have gratitude for the beauty in my daily life? 

I don't have answers, but I would love if you would join this conversation.

To open our eyes and ears-- for a deeper nourishment of self and in turn to nourish our community. What could life be like if I lived with my ears, eyes and heart opened-- what if you did it with me?

So I'm will host a five week workshop called, Revisiting Sanctuaries: a workshop for daily seeing.

This workshop is set up on a five week schedule. Each Monday you'll get a new workbook on a new facet of seeing-- with journal prompts, videos, thoughts, interviews, tutorials-- each week experiencing seeing in a different way. An 8x10 printable poster by artwork made by me. A private blog for deeper discussion, a private forum for conversations. 

Registration starts January 25 for $40. The workshop begins February 14th. But each week is set up to work along as you can.

So let's start together. And really see.

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